Labour Essentials


Massage Oil – for Labour       

Created with essential oils to assist with lower back massage during labour or to put into your bath water. This magical blend is a delight to use as it leaves the skin soft and supple. The aroma of lavender, rose, geranium and patchouli helps to calm the mind inviting a state of peace and relaxation during labour. The remaining oil can be used anywhere on your body after the birth of your baby.
Directions: Pour a small amount of the oil into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together, slightly warming the oil. Rub onto your skin where needed. For the bath add 5-10 drops of oil into the water.

Labour Calming Remedy

A unique Australian bush flower blend enhanced with earth gem-elixir and energised with Reiki energy and rose quartz.

Designed to assist a labouring woman to remain calm and at peace, gently surrendering to the natural rhythms of her body. This beautiful blend allows women to stay internally focused and relaxed, nurturing her body, mind and spirit during labour.

Place 4 drops under your tongue every hour as needed during labour. Alternatively, add 10 drops to a glass or bottle of water and sip regularly.