Download – CD 1 Hypnosis for Pregnancy and Birth (MP3)


Script 1. Pregnancy Relaxation – Going Within – is a 15 minute relaxation that you can listen to every day to assist you to go into deep state of calm, peaceful awareness and relaxation, whilst practising breathing techniques in preparation for your labour.

Script 2. Empowering Yourself for the Birth Ahead – ‘Creating a Labour of Love’ Is designed to take you on a journey of ‘imagineering’: looking ahead and visualising the birth of your baby. This script can be listened to once or twice a week.

This programme is designed to teach safe and effective hypnosis techniques that can be practised during pregnancy in preparation for your labour and birth. Through learning how to relax and remain calm, you will gain confidence in trusting and believing in your body and the job it is designed to do!


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  1. I purchased a number of products from the Labour of Love website when I was pregnant with my first child in 2015. I found all of the resources I purchased to be of huge benefit in preparing for my positive labour and birth experience. Of greatest value was the childbirth education program on MP3 and PDF. Being from the country and unable to attend the childbirth education workshop in person, this was the next best thing. It was perfect for me, as like a lot of country people I spend a lot of time driving so the MP3 was perfect to listen to in the car and allowed me to share information with my support people. I think this resource is amazing and have again revisited it while pregnant with my second child and found it equally as useful. I’m so grateful that I came across this fabulous resource, thank you Gabrielle.


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