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Pregnancy Massage - Perth, South of the River in Coogee, WA

Therapeutic pregnancy massage is known to improve health, well being, circulation, reduce oedema, relieve body tension, and stress. Pregnant women can make the most of these benefits with my relaxing pregnancy massage due to the specifically designed and built massage table where you lay with your belly in the hole.

Gabrielle is a Certificate IV massage specialists and has trained in Swedish massage, Muscle Release Therapy, Pressure Points and Reiki I & II, and Energy Intuitive body therapy. With my 20 years of experience and level of expertise, you can expect a rewarding and relaxing pregnancy massage experience.

Vouchers are available on request for any of the massages advertised.

Please Contact Gabrielle on 0418 336 362 or via our contact page.

Pregnancy Massage

1 hour pregnancy massage – $110.00

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1.5 hour pregnancy massage – $ 160.00

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1.5 hrs induction massage – $195.00

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Post Birth Massage 1 hour – $80

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'Mum on the run' tension relief 40 mins neck, shoulders & back – $70

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* To make an appointment please call Gabrielle on Mob: 0418 336 362

** Vouchers available on request for any of the massages advertised. Please Contact Gabrielle on 0418 336 362 or via our Contact page

What Gabrielle can offer you

There are many techniques and methods that Gabrielle uses when it comes to pregnancy massage. Gabrielle strives to provide the best pregnancy massage you will ever experience. I will make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed in each and every massage session. This enables you to totally relax, let go and release any tension you have in your body. It also assists you to mentally slow down your mind and connect with you and your baby in a calm peaceful way. If you have any worries, stress or questions you can ask Gabrielle and she can assist you to gain clarity mentally, if this is what you need.

I assure you that my unique pregnancy massage services will give you:

  • Complete comfort by enabling you to lie 'belly in the hole' using a pregnancy massage table which supports your belly in an expandable sling. My aim is to make sure there is no bending or hyper-extension of your lower back.
  • Total relaxation by supporting the weight of the baby through the lower back and pelvis and allowing your body to completely relax.
  • Make sure your breasts are comfortable using a special breast pillow.
  • The gentle release and relaxation of tired, tense and overworked muscles in the lower back, gluteus maximus and hamstring areas.
  • A beautiful whole body experience of massage and healing which includes feet, head and face.
  • A peaceful space for inner thoughts, peace, reflection and connection with your baby with ambient lighting, lavender massage oil and soft relaxation music.

Please don't hesitate to call me if you wish to know more about my products and services and to experience a more positive pregnancy.

Gabrielle has been specialising in Labour Induction Massage for over 20 years to assist women to move gentle into labour naturally! Her success rate has been well over 90% with clients please to experience menstrual type sensations and strong tightening immediately after the session.

Gabrielle uses a combination of- full body massage to get you into a beautiful relaxed oxytonized hormonal state, homeopathic remedies, Clary sage oil and hot towels, pressure points and relaxing visualisation. It is a winning formula for any woman wanting to move into labour gently.


Best massage

The pregnancy massage I had with Gaby was the best massage I have ever had! OMG I wish I had of started coming sooner to you Gaby!

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