$375  (4 hours)

This unique pregnancy and childbirth training will assist you to eliminate any FEAR you may have and guide you to feel empowered, positive, and well educated about your imminent labour journey.

Creating the birth, you want and desire!

Birth is a very emotional, physical and mentally challenging experience in which you need to prepare for so you can feel totally ready, well educated, empowered and ready to trust in your body to do the job it is designed to do. Where fear has no part to play!

Workshop Overview

Preparing your desired birth outcome (Birth Plan)

What type of birth do you want? (Imagineering)

Your thoughts/fears surrounding birth

Fear – What is it anyway?

Grantly Dick-Reads – Fear-Tension-Pain Theory

 The pelvis and baby – How do they fit through?

OFP- Optimal Foetal Positioning – What it is and how to do it!

Labour hormones, how they play the most important role!

What the uterine muscles are doing during labour

Practical – Breath awareness during a contraction

“Our thoughts create our reality” so what are you thinking and feeling about your imminent experience?

How to use your fitball correctly in labour

Labour positions, natural pain relief alternatives

Changing the birthing room to suit your needs

External applications to assist in natural birth

Positives and negatives to all man-made opiates

The Cascade of Intervention -How to avoid it!

Medical Terminology

Do you have any fears?

Educating your support people to assist you effectively

Watching positive beautiful birth films

The stages of labour

When to go to hospital

EDD what does it really mean?

The Perineum how to look after it!

Breast is best – the advantages of breast feeding

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