Couples Childbirth Skills and Preparation Workshops

Hands on practical workshop where your partner will learn hands on skills he needs to know, including massage techniques and how to look after you in labour, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

When: FACE TO FACE or ZOOM PRIVATE SESSION - 3 hours - $275.

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Couples Childbirth Skills and Hypnosis Workshop

This workshop is designed to empowering you and your partner for your labour journey so you can experience the best possible outcome, where you feel well educated, strong mentally, but also able to breathe and surrender through using Hypnosis in preparation leading up to your labour journey and during your labour.

When: FACE TO FACE or ZOOM PRIVATE SESSION - 6 hours - $475

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Positive Pregnancy and Empowered Birth Workshop

This unique pregnancy and childbirth training will assist you to eliminate any FEAR you may have and guide you to feel empowered, positive, and well educated about your imminent labour journey.

When: FACE TO FACE or ZOOM PRIVATE SESSION - 4 hours - $375

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