Pregnancy Specific Aqua-Fitness Classes

Classes currently not available for 2018

Class Timetable

Cost: $25 casual

About the class

Being pregnant should not stop you from maintaining a fit body. With my help, you can keep a healthy lifestyle and have a happy pregnancy. If you are looking for fun and safe exercise program, my aqua-fitness class is for you.

A Labour of Love offers safe pregnancy aqua classes Perth mothers can enjoy. Each session is geared towards exercises fit for the changing body of an expectant mother. With my wealth of experience and expertise in labouring, you can expect only the best kind of service to suit your pregnancy needs.

There are many benefits in doing exercises in water. It will keep you cool and help you carry your body weight. This will reduce backaches and eliminates common ailments like constipation that pregnant mothers often experience. Water-aerobic exercises will also prepare you for a more positive birthing experience as they allow your pelvic joints to be stretched properly.

My aqua-fitness classes focus on:

  • Muscular toning of the upper and lower body using buoyancy equipment, aqua dumbbells, and pool noodles to execute a variety of movements and exercises totally safe for the pregnant body
  • Engaging core, stability and strength moving effectively through exercises with feet on the floor of the pool
  • Repetition of movement to enhance aerobic fitness
  • Stretching to maintain flexibility
  • Relaxation. Each participant is assisted to back float around the pool to relaxation music
  • Incidental positive childbirth education through discussions/open forum and the sharing of stories and information
  • Fun-filled, friendly exercise environment

Pregnancy is much easier when you are fit and in good shape. Call us now to enrol in our fun aquanatal classes in Perth.

To find out more information or to book in for your Aqua Class, please contact us at A Labour of Love Centre.

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