What is a Doula?

Gabrielle Targett has been a practicing doula for over 22 years and is the author of two A Labour of Love books.
Please note I am currently not working as a doula as I am taking a much needed break from being on call as a doula but will be returning in 2019.
As a doula her role is to assist you and your partner to create the labour/birth experience you want and desire
through providing positive and empowering childbirth education, hypnosis (optional) and fitness classes as well as massage.
Gabrielle can assist you to mentally, physically and emotionally to prepare for YOUR labour journey in time for your baby’s birth-day or night!

A ‘doula’ is a woman who is a servant to another woman while she is in labour. The word ‘doula comes from the Greek word for the most important female in the greek household. Often referred to as a woman experienced in childbirth who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and after childbirth.

(Klaus, Kennell and Klaus, Mothering the mother)

My clients describe a doula as someone who ‘Mother’s the mother’ whilst also taking care of her partner as well.

As a Doula working in Perth, Western Australia I offer the services of providing:
  • additional support to you and your partner- who provides a ‘continuity of care’ that begins well before birth day
  •  the person who bridges the gap between medical staff and a labouring woman’s physical, mental and emotional needs
  • a valuable resource providing positive, informative and instant childbirth education and services before, during and after labour/birth, as well as during the post natal time

Education & Doula Support Package One – $1750  Book Now

  • 3 hour Childbirth Education Intensive Session & Workbook
  • A Labour of Love Book II- empowering through knowledge to create the birth you want and desire
  • 1 x 2 hour Hypnobirthing Session (One-on One)
  • Hypnosis for Birth Scripts x 5
  • 1 x 60min Pregnancy Massage
  • Attendance at the Birth
  • 3 x Post Birth Sessions(includes Breastfeeding Support)

Self Care & Support Doula Package Two – $2250  Book Now

  • 3 hour Childbirth Education Intensive Session & Workbook
  • A Labour of Love Book II- empowering through knowledge to create the birth you want and desire
  • 1 x 3 hour Hypnobirthing Session (One- On One)
  • Hypnosis for Birth Scripts x 5
  • 1 x 60min Relaxing Pregnancy Massage & 1 x Induction 100min Massage
  • Attendance at the Birth
  • 3 x Ante Natal Post Natal Sessions (includes Breast feeding support)
  • Repeat Doula Service Package Three: $1500
  • 3x Ante Natal Childbirth Education Sessions
  • 1 x 2 hour Hypnobirthing Session
  • Attendance at the Birth
  • 3 x Ante Natal Post Natal Sessions (includes Breast feeding Support)

Repeat Doula Package Three – $1500 Book Now

    • Ante Natal sessions x 3
    • Attendance at your labour and birth
    • 3 Post Birth Sessions with Breastfeeding Support
    • 1 x 2 Hour One on One Hypnotherapy Session & 5 Mp3 Hypnosis Scripts

I know from attending births as a Doula over the last 22 years that the benefits of having me in attendance at your birth will assist to:

      • Create a shorter labour because you are being supported and nurtured in the most caring way by me giving you 100% attention
      • Reduce the need to have an epidural because I will be talking to you in a positive and empowering way using affirmations and encouraging words
      • Stay off the bed and use active labour positions
      • Avoid an induction by assisting you to get into established natural labour using natural techniques that really work
      • Avoid the need to have any synthetic pain relief during labour because you will know how to use all the natural pain relief options available to you

Please note:

As your Doula I do not speak for you, or tell you what you should or should not do during your labour or birth. I am a guide to help you along your journey. It is your experience and you are responsible for any decisions you make and your birthing outcome. I can make suggestions and provide explanations about options relevant to any given situation.

It is my role to assist you in every way possible can so that you enjoy your experience of labour and birth, and come through your journey feeling empowered and strong, mentally physically and emotionally.

DOULA (Professional Birth Assistant) Training Course  Book Now

Next Doula Training Course will be in 2019 for women who are passionate about assisting women to birth in an empowered way!

Investment: $1500

Have you dreamed of assisting women through their labours and births but do not want to do the midwifery training? Do you have a calling for this ‘heart’ work?

Here is your chance!

This course is designed for women who are interested in becoming confident childbirth educators and/or doulas.

This course comes with a comprehensive Doula workbook, A Labour of Love – a guide to natural childbirth without fear and a blank journal for notes.

Some of the topics covered include:

      • What is a Doula? – background and history of birth assistants
      • The purpose and benefits of having a Doula at a birth
      • What services a Doula can offer a woman
      • Gaining an understanding of medical terminology
      • Case study and scenario experience, possible outcomes
      • How to prepare yourself as a Doula for a birth
      • How to prepare for your client mentally, physically and emotionally before a birth
      • How to market yourself to potential clients

Each session will include practical based activity, relaxation, question and answer time and a break for coffee/tea & snacks.

This course is run over eight consecutive MONDAYS or Weds.

I am currently taking expressions of interest for courses to be held in 2019. Please contact me if you are interested in becoming a doula.

Mobile: 0418 336 362
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