Childbirth Workshop

Couples Childbirth Education Workshop

Empowering you and your partner for your labour & teaching your partner how to be the best support he/she can be!
When: One Saturday every month
Time: 12.30pm- 6.30pm
Investment: $255

Workshop Dates

Saturday, Nov 25th
Saturday, Dec 2nd
Saturday, January 27th
Saturday, March 10th
Saturday, May 5th
Saturday, July 14th
Saturday, September 15th
Saturday, December 2nd

This workshop comes with a comprehensive workbook.

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In this workshop I will cover
  • Creating the birth you want and desire – how to get clear in your mind
  • How to create a natural birth experience regardless of where you are birthing
  • Pregnancy exercises –‘Tummy Time’ and ‘Ball Time’
  • Optimal Foetal Positioning – how it makes a labour of difference
  • Skills and techniques your birth support partner/people really need to know to assist you 100% mentally, physically and emotionally
  • Teaching your partner/support people how to massage you when having contractions and what they can do between contractions to help you relax
  • What contractions actually are from a biomechanical perspective, and how to work with them
  • How the hormones in labour are your best friends and how you can encourage more Oxytocin and Endorphin production
  • How to breathe rhythmically through your labour so that you remain relaxed and calm at all times
  • You will physically experiment with and practice how the active labour positions feel and how your support person can assist you in those positions
  • What the stages of labour are and what you may look like in a particular stage
  • Which active labour positions work best for each stage of labour
  • Organisation of your labour bag – what do you really need?
  • Factors to be aware of as a Birth Support Person – the Do’s and Dont’s
  • Things to remember when in labour



“The couples workshop taught Mark and I what to expect when I go into labour, how each stage of labour progresses and the mechanics of the labour process, including understanding why and how contractions happen, how the pelvis and cervix will stretch and open when women are in active labour positions and how encouraging your baby into optimal foetal position during pregnancy can make a huge difference to the “intensity” of labour and birth. As well, Gaby helped us to understand that we can create an experience that for both of us is joyful, empowering, exciting and as we would like it to be. It has helped us to plan what needs planning in advance and to understand that surrendering and letting go are the most important things for me on the day. Gaby places the process and result of labour and birth back into the hands of the mother and her partner rather than with the medical staff within a hospital or birthing centre. For women and their partners who want to experience birth naturally, actively and as something with the power to transform, Gaby’s courses provide the way forward for this.”

Thank you Gaby, Mark and Meredith


“Throughout my pregnancy, I participated in Gaby’s various workshops including the Couples Childbirth Education workshop and the ‘4 week journey’ – a glorious, reflective workshop of personal growth, just for women! For me, these workshops were exactly what I needed – and had been searching for. Gaby filled my head with confidence. She went through scenarios with us, gently guiding us through our options and choices for birthing. We learnt active birthing positions, how to surrender and breathe through contractions, as well as hands on massage techniques and relaxation skills. Gaby helped us focus on what we wanted to achieve and best of all; she helped us to see that as intelligent, independent birthing women, we do have a say in what choices we decide to make. After completing these workshops, I knew exactly how I wanted to birth, and felt that I had the knowledge and strength to do so. In fact I was just so excited about my impending birth! You just aren’t ready to give birth until you have been to Gaby’s workshops! Do you want to know how you can feel confident and excited about giving birth? Attend Gaby’s workshops.”

Kristy 2008