Yummy Mummy & Daddy Fit class

(no baby’s or children allowed)

This class is designed for Mums and Dads wanting to tone up, lose weight, and improve their cardiovascular fitness, core strength, agility and flexibility. Each session is power packed full of excises movements with and without equipment to assist you to gain the most from your workout.


Coogee Primary School, Mayor Rd, Coogee

What you need to know:

  • You can participate in this class when you feel physically ready (the sooner you return to some type of exercises the easier it is to get your physical body back to feeling healthy)
  • You must fill in a Pre-Exercise Questionnaire prior to joining the first session
  • Please allow time before your first session to talk with the instructor about any medical conditions, injuries or physical problems you have during your pregnancy
  • Your instructor will correct your technique and posture throughout the class to make sure you are executing the moves safely
  • Your instructor will modify exercises to suit you and your ability and your body accordingly so you are feeling comfortable at all times
  • Exercise post birth gently will assist in your recovery, regaining your pelvic floor strength, abdominal strength and core strength and general well-being and fitness
  • Every class focuses on a relaxation at the end of the session giving this class a wonderful body- mind- baby connection
  • This class promotes social interaction with other participants so that you form positive friendships with other Mum’s - so feel free to chat where appropriate

What you need to bring:

  • Water bottle
  • A towel for wiping your sweat and/or laying on
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